Brooksward's Got Talent


The School Council organised their second talent contest - Brooksward's Got Talent  and it was incredible.


We had a huge number of auditions in each classroom, and from these one act was chosen to represent each class. The acts were:

  • Frozen from the Foundation Stage
  • Street Dancer from Tadpoles
  • Bouncing Ball Ballet from Minnows
  • The Comedy Men from Sticklebacks
  • The Beat Boxers from Frogs
  • Let It Go from Watervoles
  • The Guitarist from Otters
  • Comedy Central from Swans
  • The Loom Crew from Herons
  • Drumtastic from Mallards
  • Harp from Kingfishers

We also had two special guest acts - last year's winner, Clowning Around and a re-enactment of the staff room from the Key Stage 2 staff.

The competition was very stiff and only six points separated the top three acts. These were:

3rd Place - The Guitarist

2nd Place  The Loom Crew


1st Place - Drumtastic


Well done to every act that took part!

 3rd Place - The Guitarist


 2nd Place - The Loom Crew


1st Place - Drumtastic




The Staffroom