Peripatetic Music


At Brooksward we offer pupils the opportunity to receive tuition from the Milton Keynes Music Service.  At present the instruments currently taught are:




The children receive tuition in a small groups of no more than 4 pupils.  The teachers employed by Milton Keynes Music Coop have studied their specialist instruments throughout their career and will hold advanced qualifications in both the playing and the teaching of their chosen instrument.


Pupils receiving tuition are entitled to:

  • a minimum number of lessons (normally 30 per year) of 20 – 30 minutes per week
  • information about musical activities within school or the Local Authority
  • an Annual Report on their progress
  • the opportunities to take part in Music Centre orchestras, choirs etc. (subject to reaching required standards).

Pupils are expected to:

  • practise regularly
  • attend each lesson punctually with their instrument and appropriate music

take part in school groups and activities

  • take care of their instrument and music.

Parents will need to:

  • Pay per term, in advance
  • provide their child with an instrument (please enquire about costs or hire schemes)
  • check your child brings their instrument and music on the right day
  • encourage your child to practise daily (15 minutes per day to start, up to 30 minutes daily at more advanced levels)

take an interest and support your child.